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Women's Reflect-O Endurance Riding Tights Women's Classic Endurance Riding Tights $30 OFF! Racing Tights With Smart Pocket™ Men's Reflect-O Endurance Riding Tights Men's Classic Endurance Riding Tights

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Check out our collection of innovative endurance riding tights and breeches. Original Smart Pocket™ for a phone, sizes regular, short and long. Many colors to match your outfit!

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Rackers @ FEI WEG 2018

Rackers @ FEI WEG 2018

Tryon World Equestrian Games - Costa Rica Endurance Team member at the first vet check. Wearing Rackers Reflect-O Tights for men and new polo shirt. Stay tuned - our performance shirts for men and women will be coming soon!

Riding Tights for Men
Reflect-O Riding Tights

Reflect-O Riding Tights

Add safety to your riding! Rackers Reflect-O Tights for Women and Men offer high visibility for a rider in dark conditions. Colorful inserts are printed with reflective ink and are visible from sides and back. Don’t get caught in the dark without protection!

Reflect-O Endurance Tights
Classic Riding Tights

Classic Riding Tights

Designed to withstand the most grueling long-distance race, versatile enough to be street wear. Check out our Classic Endurance Tights Collection! For women and men. Now also in grey.

Classic Tights for Women and Men